Additional Provisions

1. All performances will be public and may be recorded on video and audio by the organization.

2. The organization reserves the right to broadcast every piece, including those to be performed during the finals, on Radio, Television, Video and/or any other means of reproduction, both during the competition or after it, without creating any expectations for compensation, remuneration or any rights at all for the Participants.

3. The prizes can be declared void or shared ex aequo. 

4. Participants who fail to comply with the time limits will be interrupted during their performance.

5. All works must be performed  by memory.

6. The Jury´s decision will be public, uncontestable and accepted by all Participants.

7. Changes to the programs presented at the time of registration will not be admitted, unless when authorized by the Jury.

8. Any falsity found in the presented documentation will automatically disqualify the Participant.

9. Disrespectful behaviour by any Participant during the development of the Competition shall lead to disqualification and loss of all rights acquired to that moment.

10. The organisers reserve the right to modify the Rules. To resolve any doubt, the official text written in Spanish shall be considered.

11. Participation in this Competition implies knowledge and acceptance of its terms and conditions.

12. The place and time for the performances will be communicated well in advance to all Participants.

13. The winner will record a CD on CONTRASTES RECORDS, establishing a program agreed between the performer and the artistic director of Contrasts Records.

14. No participation for any reasons unrelated to the Competition or Festival does not return the payment of registration fees to the competition or to the masterclasses.